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Designing the Next Generation of
Psycho-Targeted Biotherapeutics

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Pure Play Biotechnology Company Pioneering the Discovery, Design and Development of Next Generation Psycho-Targeted Therapeutics


IP Protected Bio synthetic pathway for candidate production


Ability to Manufacture and conduct invitro & invivo efficacy testing and conduct human clinical trial


Portfolio of psycho-targeted biotherapeutics


Kahner Global’s Cannabis & Psychedelics Investment Summit Honors Evan Levine and PsyBio Therapeutics with Best Pitch Award

The Kahner Global’s Cannabis & Psychedelics Investment Summit  is an annual conference that brings together some of the most influential leaders in the cannabis and psychedelics industries. At the latest summit in Miami on February 27, 2023, attendees had the opportunity to hear from experts on a variety of topics, including regulatory developments, emerging trends, and innovative new technologies.


Evan Levine, CEO & Founder of PsyBio Therapeutics, won Best Pitch with his visionary approach to developing next-generation therapies for mental health conditions using cutting-edge research and development methods. The win solidified PsyBio Therapeutics’ position as a leading player in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine, and the event provided a valuable platform for showcasing groundbreaking work and connecting with key players in the industry.

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Pioneering the design of psycho-targeted therapeutics for the improvement of mental and neurological health

Psybio has developed a portfolio of bio-medical chemistry development psycho-targeted compounds for the potential treatment for mental and neurological health.

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Psybio Was Formed to Create Psycho-targeted Biotherapeutics

Dedicated Research and Development Laboratory

Miami University, Oxford, OH

Manufacturing Partners

Curia Global
Biose Industrie

Lawrence Berkley National Lab

Analyst Coverage

Maxim Group

Noble Capital Markets


World Class Team Of Experts

Over 50 Years of Combined Leadership in the Biotech Industry
Clinical Trial Design, Approval, Execution, and Analysis Expertise
Regulatory Pathway, Intellectual Property, and Manufacturing Skills

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