PIoneering The Next Generation Of Targeted Psychoactive Medications

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3 Primary Breakthroughs For The Treatment Of Mental Health Issues.

Discovered an efficient, patent-pending bacterial biosynthesis process for tryptamine production.


Demonstrated the entourage effect of certain tryptamines in a laboratory-controlled environment.


Developing a portfolio of tryptamine-derived, psychedelically inspired molecules.


Leaders In The Development of Next Generation Psychoactive Pharmaceuticals

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Paradigm Shift For Treating Mental Illness and Neurological Disorders

PsyBio Therapeutics is developing biosynthetic psychoactive compounds which offer a new paradigm of treatment to reverse the course of mental health issues.

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PsyBio Therapeutics is creating a portfolio of unique, scientifically developed, psychoactive compounds as potential therapeutic agents for mental and neurologic health issues 

PsyBio’s Objective Is to Develop Ground-Breaking Patient Treatments Based Upon Psychedelic Agents

Research & Development Partners

Miami University, Oxford, OH


Curia Global
Biose Industrie
Berkeley Lab

Analyst Coverage

Maxim Group
Noble Capital Markets


Psybio Has World Class Team Of Leaders and Experts

Management is key to a successful biotechnology company in obtaining FDA approval for its leading therapeutic candidates.

Experienced CEO with over 25 years in the Biotech Industry.
Chief Medical Officer with Expanded Clinical Trial. 
Excellent Board of Directors.

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